May 17, 2012 | Volume 42, No.20

Court report reflects truth of abuse

Upon first reading the words attributed to Mr. Landry in the court report last week, I was judgmental; there seemed no reason to recreate the details of that tragic scene. Upon re-reading them, I realized that your judgment was good. Our community is not unique; domestic violence and sexual assault occur with regularity in our homes, streets, cars and bars. I appreciate that you do not wear rose-colored glasses. I appreciate that your court report presents the opportunity to address domestic violence in its ugliness and shame. Until we are able to see it and say it, we will continue to live it, and a life with threat of physical retribution is not the life I want for anyone here, there or anywhere. Thanks for reminding us that our work is not done until each of us embodies respect and fairness. We could start with a protest over a six months’ sentence and a $150 fine for criminally beating a woman.

Debra Schnabel