Man charged in poaching of pregnant cow moose


A 31-year-old Haines man this week was charged after allegedly poaching a pregnant moose found at about 38 Mile Haines Highway.

State troopers on Wednesday charged the man with taking a moose during a closed season, failure to salvage the meat for human consumption, unlawful possession of illegally taken game, and misuse of motor vehicle license plates.

The cow moose carcass was reported on April 28.

Troopers said evidence gathered at the scene and at the man’s residence showed the majority of the meat had been wasted and spoiled. The moose was pregnant with two nearly full-term calves at the time of the poaching.

The man was arraigned Wednesday and entered a not guilty plea.

As of press time Wednesday, troopers were working with out-of-state agencies to contact two other suspects who had left the state.


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