Chinese national was most qualified applicant


I’d like to clarify some things about the hiring of the new planning and zoning technician. Tracy Cui was the most qualified applicant for the job. She had rave reviews from her current employer and her interview was excellent. Four other applicants were interviewed, including two from Haines, but the hiring committee was most impressed with Ms. Cui. I was asked to review the finalists’ applications and I came to the same conclusion. The fact that she is not yet an American citizen did not factor into the decision.

I do not agree with the anti-immigrant sentiment expressed in some recent letters. We are all descended from immigrants whether our ancestors walked across the Bering land bridge, sailed on the Mayflower, came through Ellis Island, or arrived more recently. We have many community members who were born in other countries, including my kids. America was founded by immigrants, and it is our diversity and tolerance that makes us strong.

Rob Goldberg

Planning Commission Chair


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