Police Blotter


Monday, April 23

Juveniles were reported smoking marijuana in a residential area.

A caller reported a restraining order had been violated.

A tire on a vehicle parked downtown was reported slashed with a knife.

A caller reported a motorist without a valid license recently was seen operating a vehicle.

Warnings were issued for an expired registration and running a stop sign.

Sunday, April 22

A gunshot in the Mud Bay area was reported. Officers did not locate the source of the noise.

A caller complained about the accumulation of garbage at 7 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported an airplane landing on Haines Highway at 33 Mile. Troopers said the landing was legal, according to Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

An out-of-town caller reported third-hand information alleging mistreatment of a child by a parent. No charges were filed.

An injured moose was reported in the Mud Bay area.

Saturday, April 21

A parent reported a juvenile out without permission, but the juvenile later returned home.

A caller reported receiving harassing text messages from a person in Juneau and was advised to seek a protective order.

Children were reported throwing firecrackers at an apartment complex. An officer responded and found the children were playing with noisemakers.

A caller complained about her treatment by the management of a downtown apartment complex. She was told the issue was a civil matter.

An officer warned a motorist for speeding.

A person called to request information about a domestic violence protective order against him.

A vehicle was found stuck in a ditch. The owner was not present and the vehicle later was moved.

Friday, April 20

An out-of-town caller requested a welfare check for her parents. Police told the caller the parents were traveling.

A caller reported a camera left at Picture Point. The camera had been left there intentionally to take time-lapse photos.

Thursday, April 19

A motorist on Mud Bay Road reportedly sped through a stop sign.

A caller reported a domestic violence order was violated.

A warning was issued for inattentive driving on Main Street.

A caller reported loud music at a motel. An officer responded, and music was turned down.

Wednesday, April 18

A bicycle theft from a storage unit was reported.

Tuesday, April 17

A caller reported noise in an adjoining apartment that previously was broken into downtown. An officer responded, and no intruders were present.

The interim harbormaster reported finding an inoperable firearm in a dumpster, and another caller claimed the item.

An officer assisted in disposal of property at the Elks Lodge.

There were nine medical calls and one call about dogs.


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