April 26, 2012 | Vol.42 No. 17

Next big rummage: Thunderbird fixtures

I have heard many expressions of appreciation to me for my work  of organizing the Hospice Rummage sale. Now it is time to thank you!

Thank you for coming to shop! It is the large numbers and our faithful customers, many making  multiple visits, that make this a successful  fundraiser and recycling event every year.

Thank you for your donations! The incredible generosity of our community continues to amaze me, even after experiencing it for 15 years! This community spirit and seeing so many people happy with the “good deals” they get is what keeps me  doing it!

In 1998, the first sale earned $1,400 and only four or five people were involved in  setting it up. This year we made approximately 10 times that much with 75 volunteers putting in 549 hours.

I will not name the names of the volunteers. I hope you all know how invaluable you are to making this a success. A core group of folks putting in many hours every year is absolutely essential to making this event happen. I will especially thank my husband Diz Kistler for being my “right hand assistant” from start to finish every year.

Beth MacCready also does an incredible amount of work and donates the use of her big tent.

This year Hospice will be having a sale on May 26 to sell the furnishings of the Thunderbird Motel. Watch for the advertisements on this. There will be some screamin’ good deals!

Mardell Gunn