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'Bird' fans heartened by KFC news


The Whitehorse Daily Star recently ran a story on the upcoming rebirth of a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise there. That wonderful place was a draw for countless Skagwegians and Hainesites for many years and more than a few of us are now all excited about the reopening. And gas jumping to $5 per gallon will not deter diehard “bird” fans.

A famous engineer on the White Pass railroad, the late J.D. True, loved the KFC in Whitehorse, and made many trips up there after his retirement. In fact, the numerous ravens along the Klondike Highway the entire 113 mile stretch soon learned to recognize JD’s Scout vehicle, because they knew that upon his return there would be a large bucket of KFC beside him in the “shotgun” seat of his Scout, and JD would be chucking chicken bones out the driver’s side window each time he finished a piece. Some of the ravens even croaked “gunalcheesh” as the Scout faded in the distance. I imagine the ravens miss him as much as some of us do now that he’s gone. JD True was known as the “Birdman of Skagway” because of his love for KFC. White Pass railroad old timers can attest to this.

Anyway, many good folks both here and in Haines are looking forward to June to get their KFC “fix,” and I’ve also heard that Second Avenue, down around the former KFC establishment, is reportedly already slick with anticipatory saliva. Oh my. Watch your step. Boyd Worley

Skagway, Alaska