Birdathon to benefit observatory


The annual “Birdathon,” a fundraiser for the Ts’ats’ee Bird Observatory, runs April 29 to May 5.

Upper Lynn Canal birders are to observe and identify as many different species of birds as possible in a consecutive, 24-hour period, said Pam Randles, education coordinator for Takshanuk Watershed Council.

“Birding is done on the honor system,” she said. “Count only bird species you are sure of by sight or sound. Please don’t guess.”

The event covers the Chilkat, Chilkoot and Ferebee watersheds from the Canadian border to Seduction Point.

To participate, register with the Takshanuk Watershed Council, get an observation form, and recruit sponsors to pledge a flat donation or an amount per species. Proceeds go toward training, staffing and equipment.

Marlena Mooring and Gary Saupe in 2005 set the event’s team record of 60 species observed. Other record-holders are Pam Randles, 41 species, in individual; and Alaska Nature Tours, 64 species, in company.

The Birdathon wraps up Sunday, May 6, when birders turn in their lists at the 7 Echoes Homestead on Mud Bay Road, at the head of Mud Bay, and are invited to a bonfire and complimentary dinner.

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