April 19, 2012 | Vol.42 No. 16

A forum for debate on local issues?

A public forum debate and discussion at the Haines School last month addressing whether income disparity is threatening the American Dream might lead to additional debates that take up local topics.

The Haines “We the People” group sponsored the event that featured four members of the Haines High School Drama, Debate and Forensics team.

“We normally get about 15 people at our (“We the People”) meetings, and there were 40 people there, 25 of whom stayed for an hour and a half discussion,” said DDF coach Gershon Cohen.

Cohen said he has long been interested in the DDF squad addressing issues of local concern.

He said some meetings of the Haines Borough Assembly have been contentious “because we’re coming to a meeting to discuss something for the first time, and it’s the night that they’re going to vote.”