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By Patricia Peters
Pool Manager 

Pool fix not as easy as just chlorination


I worked with the chlorine system before it was a salt system. We had two vats that had to be filled every day; a sodium hypochloride mix and a sodium bisulfate mix. The chemicals were hazardous materials transported from Seattle. Regulations for transporting hazardous materials became more strict. The salt system was the solution. No hazmat fees for salt. The salt system is working very well. The only repairs that need to be done to the salt generator is a new cell costing approximately $3,600. The sand filter replaced in January (with a fiberglass one) was the second sand filter to be replaced due to corrosion since the pool opened in 1980. They both had about the same lifespan; approximately 12 years. This fiberglass sand filter will be around for the duration. We have a fiberglass surge tank and PVC pipes running around the gutter. If a leak appears, it would be simple to remedy. From talking to experienced welders it wasn’t the stainless steel that was “ate up” in the surge tank, it was the welding rod they used to weld the seams. Using the correct welding rod would have extended the life of that tank. The pool blanket that needs to be replaced has been used for approximately 10 years, far beyond its life expectancy! Not because of the salt system. If our pool lasts another 15 or 20 years it would be wonderful! It has already been in use for over 30 years.