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By Bill Kurz 

Amount of turnover disappointing


Here we go again with another change of borough managers. These changes cost us at least $200,000 each time simply for the change: Lost productivity, getting up to speed, new manager getting known to agencies. Near as I can tell we have only had one manager who worked for us a reasonable time, that being Robert Venables.

In Robert’s case he spent his early adult life here, married here, raised his family here, owns a home here. That is not the case with any of the others.

For many years the City of Haines had a strong Mayor with administrator. The borough had a strong Mayor with office help at one point promoted to administrator. Both worked well for years.

Then came unification with a manager and weak Mayor. The record shows it simply has not worked. At least with a strong Mayor with administrator we have a leader for three years, which is longer than our managers average.

It’s time to wake up and make a change.