Accused cop worthy of town’s support


Small towns can be wonderful and they can be downright cruel. I know a woman in this town who has been knocked down, kicked, and threatened. There seems to be no end in sight for her punishment. I can’t imagine any explanation can justify the crime, but perhaps there is one? I cannot accept what she did or didn’t do, but that doesn’t mean that I want to crush her. What happened was terrible! What we, as a community are doing, is even worse. This woman has a lifetime of achievements. She has helped, cured, diagnosed and comforted countless dogs, cats and farm animals, including horses. She is an asset to our community.

I saw her today. She is not doing well. Good citizens of Haines are jumping on the bandwagon ripping her to pieces. We have publicly flogged her and spread her story to every corner of Alaska and beyond. As a police officer, she has been there for all of us, day and night. It’s time now to reach down and grab her hand, and pull her up by her boot straps. Let her know that you appreciate and remember the many, many good things she has done for all of us.

Let’s not “kick ‘em when they’re down,” Haines, or we are the ones who will soon be hanging our heads in shame.


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