Horses doing well, not for adoption


I would like to address the recent rumors concerning my horses, Rappi and Crown, currently stabled at Henderson’s farm. I would like for the public to understand that I am still the legal owner of the horses.

Due to the heavy snows and two loads of bad hay that I received, I did have difficulty keeping the horses’ weight stable this winter. I very much appreciate Mr. Henderson’s efforts to keep the drive clear enough for me to pass and HARK’s assistance with providing the extra feedings recommended by the veterinarian over a three-week period.

Out of concern for the horses’ well-being, Mr. Henderson initiated a HARK investigation. I fully cooperated and the outcome was that no charges were filed.

I have been in negotiations with Mr. Henderson to move Rappi and Crown to a barn closer to my residence at 26 Mile. (The original terms of the sales contract stipulated that the horses would remain stabled at Henderson’s farm through April 2013).

As the legal owner, I would like to make it clear that the bay Quarter Horse, Rappi, and the bay Quarab, Crown, are not available for adoption.

Again, thanks to all for their concern and assistance. Haines citizens should feel free to contact me directly if they would like more information.


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