March 1, 2012 | Vol. 42 No. 8

Alaskan women rock scavenger event

Geesh! I advertised,“Wanted: 36 Alaska Women,” and it worked. Well, I got 28 anyway. Seven, four-women teams shared a beautiful, sunny, winter day with me and many other volunteers Saturday. They snowshoed, drove a loader and 32-foot fishing vessels, shot skeet at the shooting range, snowmachined, competed in fire-building, firewood stacking and two-women saw, solved mathematical equations, searched for clues at the library and even walked around a baseball diamond with bright red buckets over their heads! What a happy, smiley, fun bunch of women who entertained all of us volunteers to the point of tears of laughter. Venturer Scouts wants to thank all who helped: Barbara Blood, Steve Vick, Charlie DeWitt, Rocky Hickman, J.R. Churchill, Gabe Alamillo, Tyrell Horton, Gary Grogan, Roger Schnabel, Jack Smith, Bob Piper, Suzanne Vuillet-Smith, and Vince Hansen. A very special thanks to Lisa Flory for making the celebration dinner. It was so delicious! Thanks to local businesses who sponsored teams: IGA, Fogcutter Bar, First National Bank of Anchorage, Southeast Roadbuilders and Alaska Power and Telephone. Eight Venturer Scouts helped, along with two scout leaders. Thanks to the Elks Club, Scott Rossman and special thanks to Haines Sportsman’s Association for sponsoring the event itself. I saw nothing but ear-to-ear grins on sunny faces the entire day. Alaska men, get ready. A gentleman’s version of this event will occur in late March and I have 28 super women already anxiously helping me plan it.