By CVN Staff 

Haines Winter Games


John S. Hagen

Kevin Forster and Jessica Kayser compete in the snowshoe and ski biathalon at the Haines Winter Games on Feb. 18.

Results for Haines Winter Games events:

Golf event: First place adults pitching, Margaret Hagen (48); chipping, Marianne Rasmussen and Toni DeWitt (6); closest to the pin, John Norton (2 3/4 inches); putting, Toni DeWitt (5); overall, Margaret Hagen (50). Kids’ events: pitching, Matthew Green (18); closest to pin, moneyball and overall, Vivian Shallcross (7 feet, 3/4 inches; 1 and 4.)

In other Olympic events, Skiing and snowshoe biathlon winner: Kevin Forster; Frying Pan Contest: men’s division, Kevin Forster; women’s division, Alissa Henry; youth division, Dalton Henry. Chili Cook-off: Vegetarian, Pam Sloper’s sweet potato black bean chili; non-vegetarian, Eric Kocher’s “Bring it On” chili; people’s choice award, Susie McCartney’s jungle boogie gorilla chili.

John S. Hagen

Rosalie Shallcross and her daugher, Vivian, line up a shot at the golf event at the Haines Winter Games at the fairgrounds on Feb. 18.


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