February 23, 2012 | Vol. 42 No. 7

Dog walkers braved winter

The Haines Animal Rescue Kennel (HARK) would like to commend our crew of dedicated volunteer dog walkers for all their hard work this winter. Through rain, sleet and mega-snow, our volunteers managed to make it in every night to walk the dogs in our care.

Much thanks to: Debra Schnabel, Akela Silkman (and family), Aaron and Malene Johnson, Kristy LeGassie, Eileen McIver, Krista Kielsmeier, Jill Heikel, Judy Ewald and Bonnie Hedrick. All told, this group topped 300 hours of volunteer time over the past six months.

The HARK is happy to announce that our kennel is currently empty at night and our volunteers are taking a well-deserved rest from their evening duties. Thank you again volunteers. You made a difference in the lives of our shelter dogs and helped in their successful placement into new homes.