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Alternative 3 best Juneau Access option


I favor alternative three for the Juneau Access, with only minor additional construction on the east Lynn Canal side to meet the ferry terminal. There seems to be confusion with the other alternatives in regards to the best location for a ferry terminal on the east side, be it Echo Cove, Cascade Point or Sawmill Cove. The west ferry terminal would remain at William Henry Bay. It would be an hourly ferry, on each side and would provide service between the east and west terminals.

We have a natural transportation corridor from William Henry Bay north past Pyramid Harbor to the shortest crossing of the Chilkat River at Zimovia Point to meet the Haines Highway. This intersection, four miles from the Haines Airport, would require a far shorter bridge than that shown in alternative three and not direct traffic through a residential part of Haines.

A ferry from Haines would connect to Skagway on the seasonal schedule. The west side road would cost far less and meet the objective of improving the connection between Juneau and the continental highway system by reducing travel time and cost while providing capacity and opportunity to travel.

Alernative 2B would require extensive high cost construction on the east side of the Lynn Canal to Katzehin. This, along with most other alternatives, would not improve the opportunity to travel.

Please respond before Feb. 20 to Juneau Access DOT&PF Southeast Region, Juneau Access Improvements Project SEIS, P.O. Box 112506, Juneau, AK 99811-2506.