January 12, 2012 |

Walkers, joggers hard to see on road

To all the people who jog or walk in the dark at night or early morning with mostly black labs and with nothing but a tiny reflective stripe covered by a back pack, or some light the size of a dime: I hope when you decide to go for a walk or a run that you say goodbye to your friends and family as if you may never return home. When you decide to put on dark clothing and go for a walk in the dark without lighting yourself up like a Christmas tree, you are at serious risk of getting plowed by a car that is not looking for people walking or jogging on an ice-covered road and with little room between the 10-foot snow berm and the car coming the other direction. If they do suddenly see you then they must swerve and you just caused an accident. There are some instances where pedestrians do not have the right of way - like when you cannot be seen from behind a 10-15 foot snow berm wearing ninja dark clothing with an animal not on a leash and no visible lighting. Please, please, please - for the sake of the people who do not want to have a tragedy on their conscience - light yourselves up like a police car when you choose the dark of night to do your health walk or run.

Dean Lari