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House party busted; Four minors charged


January 5, 2012

Four minors were charged with underage drinking following the police bust of a party at an Allen Road residence at 3 a.m. New Year’s Day.

Police chief Gary Lowe said eight youths between the ages of 15 and 20 were brought in to the station after the party, and alcohol breath tests on four of them were negative.

Two others at the party ran out the back door of the residence when police arrived. There were no adults at the home at the time. "There are still some charges pending," Lowe said this week. The partiers were drinking beer, he said.

Lowe said the arrests showed that borough efforts to stem underage drinking are sinking in. "I really want to send a message that this is not going to be tolerated. It’s good that we located this based on a complaint. The message is getting out there that the community has to keep its eyes open."

The party could have ended tragically, he said. "Even if their plans were to stay there all night, when you’re drinking you don’t always make the best decisions. We could have had someone dead on New Year’s Day."

Males ages 19 and 20 were charged with minor consumption, along with two females, aged 18 and 16. Names of those involved were forwarded to the Haines School for possible disciplinary action regarding school activity and travel privileges.

For a first offense, minors who plead guilty to consuming alcohol are offered a sentence that requires an alcohol screening, 32 hours of public service work and three months’ probation. In exchange for completion of the sentence, the charge is dismissed.

Lowe said local bars were "super responsible" in providing rides home on New Year’s Eve. "The bartenders were making sure people were getting home safe. We got complaints from plow drivers the next day there were so many cars left on the streets, but that’s a good thing. People chose not to drive."