By CVN Staff 

Haines Recycling clarifies services


December 22, 2011

There may be some confusion about recycling service in the Chilkat Valley due to the recent coverage of the Community Waste Solutions’ problems. Haines Friends of Recycling continues to provide recycling services at the recycling center at 2.5 Mile Small Tracts Road. Paper, cardboard, plastic #1 and #2, aluminum, and tin cans can be dropped off anytime. Information and membership is available at the recycling center, or on our website, or by calling 766-3000.

For clarification, Community Waste Solutions has been bringing HFR about 200 pounds of plastic and 250 pounds of cardboard every week for the last few months. We have kept the baler available for them to unload their cardboard directly into the baler to reduce our handling time. Unloading takes about one hour per week.

We thank the community for their continued support of Haines Friends of Recycling.

Melissa Aronson, Chair, HFR


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