December 8, 2011 |

KHNS has benefited from borough

KHNS has benefited greatly from the relationship with the borough regarding the Chilkat Center. We initiated a conversation months ago with the borough to update our agreement, not nullify it. I was sorry to see the figures and quotes taken out of context in the recent article. The breakdown of those numbers would reflect costs of running the Chilkat Center and do not reflect the staff-time-for-rent that it implies.

The borough has a big job to do and we are working with them to find solutions, not to make their job harder or our costs greater.

An update on ARCS Television Network here in Haines: KHNS is a steward for ARCS, hosting the dish and equipment in our transmitter shed as a public service. As a result of the recent heavy snowfall and subsequent ice, cables broke, resulting in a power surge that destroyed the modulator, an expensive piece of equipment. There is a modulator being sent to us that will be installed as soon as it arrives and we hope that will solve the problem.

Kay Clements

General Manager, KHNS