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Police Blotter


December 1, 2011

Monday, Nov. 28

A caller reported a minor vehicle accident at the Haines clinic parking lot.

A customer paid a bill after being approached by police for not paying for services at a west side gas station.

A caller reported a dispute about where snow was being piled up at an Allen Road property.

Saturday, Nov. 26

A complaint about a snowplow throwing snow onto a Beach Road property, damaging a tent, was referred to the state Department of Transportation.

An officer arrested a man for drunken driving after he was seen running a stop sign and failing to signal at Second Avenue and Main Street.

Friday, Nov. 25

A downtown business requested help contacting the owner of a vehicle that was in the way of snow removal at a parking lot. The owner was contacted and moved the vehicle.

Callers reported several cars in the way of snow removal on Dalton and Mathias streets.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

A caller reported a vehicle in the way of plows at Fort Seward. The driver moved the vehicle.

An officer arrested a person for violating a protective order.

An officer issued citations to an unregistered driver and another driver who did not have a license after a caller reported snowmachines running a stop sign on FAA Road.

A caller reported a vehicle that slid off the road at 16 Mile Haines Highway. A trooper responded, and the driver was getting the vehicle moved.

A person came in to the police station to test their blood alcohol level. An officer assisted and found the subject too intoxicated to drive.

Tuesday, Nov. 22

A caller reported a large bump on Second Avenue.

A caller reported a motorist driving on the wrong side of the road at about 1 Mile Haines Highway, headed into town. An officer responded and did not locate the vehicle.

There were 18 medical calls and four calls about dogs.

The Haines Police can be reached at 766-2121.



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