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By CVN Staff 

Ideas welcomed for young adult church


November 24, 2011

Last August, my wife and I purchased Black Bear Trailer Court and decided to move to Haines on a permanent basis. We attended a few of the churches in town and found there to be a large group of young adults that were not attending the services. After talking to some of the pastors, my suspicions were realized as they confirmed that there is a large disconnect between the young adults and the older members of the churches.

I am curious as to whether the young adults and families (20 to 40 year olds) are interested in a service of their own and if they are, what would that look like? What type of worship would you like, contemporary, with full band, hymns or a mix? What kind of programs would you like, men and women Bible studies, marriage classes, leadership classes, outside ministry functions, chemical abuse classes or young adult activities? Would you be interested in a Saturday service, as I know the fishery opens on Sundays, if you cannot make the Sunday service? Would you like to have a movie night?

I would be excited to start a non-denominational church for the young adults in Haines and really need to get some feedback from you about this venture. You can reach me through e-mail at or Pastor Phil Ness, with On the Master’s Road Ministry, at 503-250- 0502.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in church.

Pastor Phil Ness