November 3, 2011 |

Outgoing mayor Hill appoints five to new port committee

The Haines Borough Assembly on Oct. 25 approved the first appointments to the new Haines Port Development Steering Committee.

Departing Mayor Jan Hill appointed Michael Ganey, Alaska Marine Trucking; Fred Gray, Delta Western; Darwin Green, Constantine Metal Resources; Scott Hansen, Chilkoot Indian Association; and resident Roger Maynard to the committee. The assembly approved all five appointments.

The group is slated to have 18 members. Seats have been designated for borough manager Mark Earnest, harbormaster Ed Barrett, public facilities director Brian Lemcke, newly-elected Mayor Stephanie Scott, two assembly members, one planning commissioner, and representatives from the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Alaska Marine Lines, Chilkoot Indian Association, Delta Western, Yukon Chamber of Commerce, Yukon Chamber of Mines, two businesses "dependent on Lutak Dock," and two businesses that are "potential dock users," according to a recent recommendation from Earnest.

"This is not set in stone; it’s not defined by code, by resolution or anything else," Earnest said. "I would just encourage, if there’s interest out there - you represent an entity or organization that would have a contribution to this – (then) that would be up to the Mayor to evaluate and make those appointments."

Letters of interest for the committee had a "first-cut deadline" of Oct. 10, but still are being accepted. More information on submitting a letter is available at

The borough’s request for letters says the group’s objective is "to study and create a plan to rehabilitate, redesign and construct a modern and expanded port facility in Haines for the purpose of creating economic stimulus; including jobs, increased taxable revenues and future business opportunities in the Haines Borough."

Appointee Roger Maynard initially was set to be the Haines Borough Planning Commission’s representative on the committee, but assembly member Joanne Waterman requested that the commission be given more time to make a recommendation.

"I was talking with (planning commissioner) Rob Goldberg today, as far as the planning commission goes, and they hadn’t discussed their appointment or a recommendation, so I guess I would want to hear their opinion on the planning commission member," Waterman said.

Waterman said she would approve Maynard serving on the committee "as a personal thing, separate from the planning commission." She said an adjustment could be made following a recommendation from the commission, and the assembly agreed.

"I would be honored to represent the planning commission, or serve in any other capacity, as a member of this advisory steering committee," Maynard wrote in his letter of interest.

The assembly did not discuss which seat Maynard would fill if he were not the planning commission’s representative.

Green of Constantine Metal Resources wrote the Canadian business was "a potential future user" with "an obvious interest in the future development plans of the Haines port facility."

Waterman also asked Earnest, "Is there a reason that we’re not waiting and doing (appointments) all at once?"

Earnest said the first appointees could start reviewing the responses to the borough’s "request for qualifications" from consulting firms to guide the committee and port development plan. Those proposals were due Oct. 21.

"I wanted to get input on the qualification statements that were submitted," Earnest said. "I guess the thought there would be that any individuals on the core group have those, they can review them, start going through the criteria and begin that task."