By CVN Staff 

Peace day builds understanding


November 3, 2011

Nearly 100 people - students, parents, school staff and community members - turned out on a stormy evening last week for the fourth annual Chilkat Valley Peace Prize awards ceremony and Building Bridges grant presentation and to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Earlier in the fall, students had a chance to explore and develop their thoughts and feelings around the complex concept of peace - including peace in the home, in the community and in the world. It is indeed our children who are building our understanding of, and actions toward, creating a more peaceful and just world. Case in point: the potluck ended with one of the winners quietly donating his prize money to Elena Horner, Brook Cinocco and Jackie St. Clair’s efforts to raise funds in order to volunteer at the Kilimanjaro orphanage next summer.

A huge thank you to those who helped make this event possible, including Rene Martin, Lisa Andriesen, the elementary staff, Cheryl Stickler, Sam McPhetres, Matt and Holly Davis, Jamie King, and the Haines A Cappella Women’s Choir. And thank you to all the students who submitted entries, to the judges and other volunteers, and to all those in the community who contributed so generously to the peace prize and grant fund.

George Figdor Haines for People for Peace


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