October 13, 2011 |

Jones would expand hunting at golf course

A man cited last month with discharging a firearm in the townsite has requested that big-game hunting be allowed on his golf course property.

"It is not rare to hear rifle fire west of the golf course but within the no fire zone by other people, presumably sighting rifles or other weapons," Stan Jones wrote in a letter to Haines Borough officials. "Please legalize what is happening."

Jones shot a bull moose at his local golf course Sept. 27 near 2 Mile Haines Highway. The moose then ran into the woods.

Jones addressed the issue during public comments at Tuesday’s Haines Borough Assembly meeting. The assembly took no action on the matter. Jones noted shotguns can be fired on his property when hunting waterfowl.

"I feel that it would be appropriate to have the same permission to fire rifles in the same area as shotgun fire is allowed," he wrote. "This would be safer than shotgun fire because shotguns are fired at flying objects whereas rifles are fired parallel to the ground in almost all circumstances. The trajectory would bring the bullet to the ground before leaving the property in most situations."

The maximum fine for the borough code violation of discharging a firearm within the limits of the townsite service area is $300.

"At the time the city annexed my property I encouraged the right to hunt in the area as it was an area historically used by students and other residents to be able to walk to for a hunt," Jones wrote.

It’s possible that the moose shot by Jones survived, state wildlife biologist Anthony Crupi said this week.