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Police Blotter


October 13, 2011

Monday, Oct. 10

A caller reported a vehicle parked on the side of the road at 4 Mile Haines Highway, making it difficult to pass. A state trooper responded and found the vehicle not to be a hazard.

A person crashed a car into another person’s car following a dispute at a business near FAA Road after one employee tried to block the other. An officer responded and found no damage. No charges were filed.

A caller reported a vehicle parked in the handicap zone at the school.

Sunday, Oct. 9

A caller reported a motor home partially blocking the road at 5 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and found no such vehicle.

Friday, Oct. 7

A downtown bar employee called police after a person punched out a window. One person was arrested for criminal mischief.

A downtown bar requested help for an intoxicated male who was outside. An officer was advised, and friends had arrived to give the male a ride home.

A 19-year-old in a vehicle at the Southeast Alaska State fairgrounds was cited for consuming alcohol.

Thursday, Oct. 6

A caller reported a playful weasel on their porch downtown. The Haines Animal Rescue Kennel was advised.

A caller reported a friend was harassed at a 1 Mile Haines Highway business. An officer interviewed both parties. Another caller reported hearing threats against herself and family members in that argument. No charges were filed.

A caller reported hearing knocking on their upstairs door on Young Road. An officer responded and found the noise was from a renter upstairs trying to wake his roommate to let him inside.

Wednesday, Oct. 5

A caller reported a possible drunk driver. An officer responded and found the person was having trouble operating a rental car.

A caller reported being harassed at a private pullout near Chilkoot Lake.

A caller reported their child was harassed at Tlingit Park. An officer responded to speak with the children who were involved.

Tuesday, Oct. 4

A bear was reported downtown. An officer responded, and school officials were advised.

A caller reported a person might have tried breaking into their downtown house in the last couple months. The caller found evidence of a possible break-in but had not checked for missing items.

There were 12 medical calls and no calls about dogs.

Police can be reached at 766-2121.


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