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By CVN Staff 

Recall gives town bad reputation


September 29, 2011

ut their actions are anti-business. Making personal attacks against people they don’t like will not improve the economy.

Four assembly members voted the same way, but only two are being targeted for recall. The other two are ineligible due to a technicality. I am certain that there would be no recall vote if all four assembly members were included. This recall effort is not based on principle. It is a shameful and transparent attack targeting two people.

Joanne Waterman and Daymond Hoffman have been good assembly members. They are thoughtful, moderate, good listeners, and they put the interests of the community first. They have sacrificed a lot of their personal time and energy. Now they are being forced to endure the stress and embarrassment of a recall vote. This community has an odd way of thanking people for their service.

The recall is mean-spirited and divisive. It gives Haines a bad reputation. If we really want to be "pro-business," we should be promoting community harmony. No one wants to move their family, or their business, into a hostile place.

Peace and prosperity go together. Animosity and divisiveness result in failure. Vote no on the recall.

Rob Goldberg