September 22, 2011 |

What is motive of recall?

On the slight chance anyone in the valley is sufficiently gullible to believe Mr. Jim Shook and his fellow recall sponsors are truly concerned about the rule of law and not about politics (as they claim), I offer the following question and challenge: The question: Why are the recall sponsors not campaigning for the defeat of Jerry Lapp, who voted the same way as Joanne Waterman and Daymond Hoffman on the appointment issue - the "crime" recall sponsors claim makes these two assembly members deserving of being removed from office after countless hours of public service? (The answer is not that Jerry is up for recall because he is already on the ballot – why aren’t they campaigning for Jerry’s defeat, since he was equally complicit in the alleged crime?)

The challenge: If Mr. Shook and the other recall sponsors post a letter with all of their signatures in the CVN advocating for the defeat of Jerry Lapp and pledging to vote to remove all three from office, I for one will be more convinced of their sincerity and will consider recalling them all as well.

Given the sponsors’ repeated claims that the recall effort is not about politics, it’s fair to put their motives to the test.

Gershon Cohen