September 8, 2011 |

Voters choose shape, direction of town

Citizens frequently do not realize the importance of effective local government. Our local government is in charge of things that affect our everyday life, i.e., police and fire protection, sanitary services, public works, library services, permitting and approval of the comprehensive plan. 

  As a resident and registered voter you have the opportunity to shape the direction of Haines Borough by electing effective leadership for Mayor and assembly.  Please get to know your candidates.  Learn where the candidates stand on the issues.

  Before you cast your vote ask yourself: 1) Will the candidate follow their words with action? 2) Does the candidate understand that they are a public servant representing the people of Haines and not a personal agenda? 3) Does the candidate have the skills to effectively lead our diverse community? 

Take part in shaping our borough’s future by casting an informed vote on Oct. 4.

Brenda Jones