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By CVN Staff 

Vote 'no' on borough assembly recall


September 8, 2011

First: Better luck next time on the 1 percent.

Right now the recall is more important. Representatives Daymond Hoffman, Joanne Waterman and Jerry Lapp all voted for a special election, but recall organizers aren’t telling us to unseat Lapp.  Obviously the recall is really meant as a punishment for those who wouldn’t give Greg Goodman’s seat to Karen Hess.

So let’s look at the record and see why they wouldn’t. Hess pushed hard to turn our waterfront into a $3 million parking lot and toilet. She now works hard to keep our smaller operators from using it, even though it was built with public money. She lobbied hard to get rid of the regional part of the cruise ship tax, which has given us millions of dollars and would likely have given us millions more, but now it’s gone.

A clear majority of voters elected Goodman, and I think that Hoffman, Waterman and Steve Vick were quite right to feel that they should choose someone more in line with his more moderate views. Alaska case law supported their action.

The assembly followed our lawyer’s advice to seat Goodman. They followed our charter and did the best they could when Scott Rossman and Lapp refused to seat anyone other than Hess. They decided to let the voters choose a representative in a special election, and how is that so wrong? Anyhow, remember, Lapp voted for it too.

   Please vote no on the recall. They’re good people; let’s keep them. 

Sally McGuire