By CVN Staff 

Group funded bear-proof recycle station


August 25, 2011

undation would like to thank the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation for the grant they gave ACBF to purchase a bear-proof recycling garbage container that was placed at Chilkoot State Recreation Area. The container, installed by Alaska State Park employees on June 1st, had a successful season of collecting recyclables. As of August 18th, fourteen 50-gallon bags of aluminum, seven 50-gallon bags of recyclable plastics, three 50-gallon bags of glass, and one 50-gallon bag of tin cans had been taken to either the recycle center or Acme Transfer’s glass deposit. The collaboration between ACBF, Parks, and Haines Friends of Recycling made having the recycle container at the park a success that will repeat itself for years to come.

Tim McDonough

Treasurer ACBF


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