August 18, 2011 |

Police Blotter

Monday, Aug. 15

Police notified the owner of a car parked on First Avenue that the Department of Public Works requested it be moved for construction work.

A caller reported an accident at Second Avenue and Mud Bay Road when a driver ran a stop sign. The driver was cited.

A caller reported a bear cub at Chilkoot River with a fishhook stuck in its nose.

A caller reported a bear on the road by the ferry terminal.

Sunday, Aug. 14

A caller reported a motorhome at a Second Avenue business that might suffer water damage because of a a window busted out. A business owner advised of the situation.

Callers reported a bear broke into shops and sheds on Small Tracts and FAA roads and Small Tracts Spur Road.

Troopers were advised of a call about possibly illegal fish sales.

Radio station staff reported a bear broke open the door of its transmitter shack.

An officer and a park ranger responded to a call about people crowding bears along the Chilkoot River.

A caller reported someone dumped about a dozen pink salmon by the Oslund Park baseball fields. An officer put the fish in a bear-proof dumpster there.

Troopers were advised of a call about a cooler outside of a camper van that might attract bears.

Saturday, Aug. 13

Callers reported hearing a bear on Front Street. Officers responded but could not find the bear.

Multiple callers reported a bear breaking into their sheds on McPhetres Lane the previous night.

A caller reported a pile of logs smoldering on a beach near Tlingit Park. Crews responded and doused the fire.

Friday, Aug. 12

State road crews were advised of a mud slide at 19 Mile Haines Highway.

Police found a bear had tried to get into a hangar at the airport. Police advised the hangar owner.

An officer responded to a call about a man yelling obscenities at a slow-moving vehicle.

Thursday, Aug. 11

A caller reported a hit-and-run on a car parked at a downtown bar.

A caller reported vehicles driving recklessly toward the ferry terminal. An officer responded but was unable to locate the vehicle.

A caller reported fireworks being fired at the beach at 1 Mile Mud Bay Road. An officer approached people who said no more would be fired.

A caller reported dog walkers not picking up after their dogs.

Wednesday, Aug. 10

A person reported vandalism at the Port Chilkoot Dock restroom. The plastic cover on a thermostat was cracked.

A Small Tracts caller reported a bear broke into their shed the previous night.

A Skagway caller reported a possible illegal tour between Haines and Skagway. An officer responded but was unable to make contact.

Police warned a driver who was driving recklessly while talking on their cell phone.

A caller reported a vehicle parked illegally at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

Tuesday, Aug. 9

An officer responded to a request from a business to ask a person to leave.

A caller reported vehicles parked illegally at Port Chilkoot Dock.

There were 25 medical calls and five calls about dogs.