August 18, 2011 |

Gasoline prices a spectacle for visitors

Last week I saw a tourist taking a picture of the gas price sign at a local station, $5.39 for premium. Since I was also gassing up and inquisitive, I could not help but ask what was so great about the sign. They had Alaska plates on their vehicle and looked like regular Alaskans. Well, it turns out they had been all over the state and could not believe our prices. They were the highest they had seen! They could not figure out how the Interior and all other places could possibly have lower prices. I think this is echoed in many of our minds. To keep my sanity and filling up my two vehicles, knowing their costs are certainly not more than any other station, one has to put a philosophical spin on this and thank Delta Western for giving us one more tourist attraction, albeit at our expense!


Larry Paulson