August 11, 2011 |

Thanks for help during tragedy

I’ve read many times in the paper how the community has helped when a tragedy or loved one passes on. You never imagine one day you could be the one in that situation. I found out what a great community we live in recently. There are not enough words to thank everyone that has helped me through a very difficult time. Al Badgley and the emergency personnel who are so dedicated, we are lucky to have you. A special thank you to Margaret Friedenauer and Becky Wetmore for your comforting arms around me that tragic night. Thank you, Bart Henderson, Lenise Fontenot and all of the Chilkat Guides family (too many to name all of you) who came by with support, hugs, and food and still continue to come by or call. My wonderful sister, Virginia Martin, who is battling breast cancer, flew in from Juneau after her chemo treatment to be with me and my niece Hilary Martin that has helped me through all the endless paperwork involved after a death. My best friend Darlene Walton that can always make me laugh. Also, the love and support of Kevery Strunk’s family.

Thank you, everyone, for the calls and hugs. This truly is a great community.

Vicky Cox