By CVN Staff 

Lapham: Words not enough


August 11, 2011

Thank you is just not enough. We have SEARHC, Dr. Bowman, Jody Miller, our own Becky Malone and Adam DuPaul: Without your support and love it would have been much harder to get through Pete’s remaining days. Our fire department family: The service and graveside will be forever memorable. Our Elks and American Legion family: John Newton took the reins and did everything for me there. I can’t thank you enough. Our "ace-in-the-hole," Karl Magnusen from Olympia, Wash .: Peter’s friend, our newest family member, you are wonderful. Debra Schnabel: You played the songs I chose wonderfully. The words to "Keeper of the Stars" always reminded Pete and me of how our life was together. Thank you for doing this for us. My family: We are strong and we will have each other to lean on. We are all blessed with each other. Our niece LaZell Hammons: Without our bedsheets we all would have been lost. Thank you. Al Badgley: Your ideas were excellent. I had wanted a fireman’s funeral and we got it. Thank you for your hard work and love. To the people of Haines who cared, prayed, laughed with us as well as cried: We love you. Thank you for everything. My words just don’t seem enough.

Diana Lapham for the Lapham family


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