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By CVN Staff 

Police Blotter


August 4, 2011

Monday, August 1

A caller requested help contacting the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel to assist an elderly, sick cat.

A caller reported locking their small child in a car. An officer responded and they found someone with a key.

An officer reported a gate had been run over and was off its hinges on the west side of town.

Saturday, July 30

A caller reported a parking violation on the Haines Highway next to a business. An officer responded and found no violation.

A caller reported a four-wheeler being driven around that went to a motel. An officer responded and did not locate the suspect.

A caller reported being blocked into a handicap parking area at the fairgrounds. An officer responded, and vehicles were moved.

A caller reported people jumping off the cruise ship dock. An officer responded and did not locate anyone.

A caller requested assistance getting their belongings back from a storage unit in a landlord-tenant dispute.

A caller reported a possible fire on Mount Ripinsky. A fire crew was advised and determined there was no fire.

A caller reported a noise complaint at a motel. An officer responded and advised a group of people to keep the noise level down.

A driver was placed in custody for driving under the influence of alcohol after a stop at 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported a person outside the Haines clinic, pounding on vehicle windows. The person was intoxicated and given a ride home.

A caller reported a person at their Second Avenue house was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. An officer responded and found no evidence of domestic violence.

A caller reported a person had been escorted from a bar. An officer gave the person a ride home.

A caller requested help retrieving some items from a friend’s residence.

Friday, July 29

A caller reported a man lying in the road at Deishu Drive. Officers and emergency personnel responded, and the intoxicated man went home with a family member.

A caller reported his girlfriend was yelling at him at a downtown apartment. Officers responded, and the girlfriend was given a ride back to her residence.

A caller reported the ditch at 0 Mile Haines Highway was very deep and not well marked, and this should change. Public works was advised.

A caller reported a camper in a grassy area of Tlingit Park with a bottle of wine on top of a picnic table. An officer was advised and did not locate the person, but informed others at the park of the borough’s policy on open containers of alcohol.

A caller reported getting threatening messages and was informed about how to obtain a protective order.

A caller reported a minor accident when a vehicle struck the side of a downtown business while backing out of a parking spot.

Callers reported naked people jumping off the cruise ship dock. An officer responded and did not locate the people.

Police arrested three people for being minors in possession of alcohol and one for sixth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance for possession of marijuana.

A caller reported a pickup truck swerving on the way into town from Lutak Road. An officer made contact with the driver, who was watching bears on the drive in from Lutak.

A caller reported an underage person who tried to buy alcohol and then drove off in a pickup truck.

A caller reported a male took a bike and headed toward the fairgrounds. The complainant then called back to report the male had returned the bike, and police were not needed at the time.

A caller reported open containers of alcohol at a softball game. An officer responded and advised tournament organizers of borough policy.

Thursday, July 28


A caller requested help getting an intoxicated and verbally abusive person out of their house on Young Road. Police responded and gave the person a ride back to their house.


A caller reported a truck speeding toward town from Lutak Road. Officers responded and did not locate the vehicle.

Wednesday, July 27 

A caller reported a bear was just in their yard on Small Tracts Road and then crossed the street to a neighbor’s house. An officer responded and did not locate the bear.

A caller requested a welfare check on an older person who had made several calls to them in the middle of the night and then just hung up. An officer responded and found the person was safe at home.

A caller reported a bear destroyed their dumpster early that morning on Small Tracts Road.

A caller reported four-wheelers running through the Fort Seward parade grounds. An officer was advised and did not locate the vehicles.

A motel requested help removing a guest who would not leave and was past the designated checkout time. An officer responded, and the guest then left the motel.

An officer found a vehicle parked on the side of Small Tracts Road for a while and contacted the owner, who moved it.

A caller requested a welfare check on a friend they hadn’t heard from in a couple days. The caller then called back and said the friend was in Fairbanks.

A caller reported someone came to their house and threatened them. Officers responded and initiated a case for assault.

A caller requested help because her 16-year-old son was refusing to go home. An officer talked to the boy, who then went home.

Tuesday, July 26


An officer responded to an argument on Main Street and charged one person with disorderly conduct.

Callers reported seeing smoke at Taiyasanka Harbor. State troopers and forestry officials were advised. Wildland firefighters put the fire out.

A caller reported a vehicle parked the wrong way in front of a Main Street business.

A caller requested ministerial assistance to get a ticket out of town.

A caller reported a wildfire at 7 Mile Haines Highway. A fire crew responded.

A caller reported a bear got into their freezer within the last couple days on Mud Bay Road.

There were 25 medical calls and two calls about dogs.

The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.