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By CVN Staff 

Court Report


July 21, 2011

Lauren Dagostino, 32, of Haines was convicted July 14 of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Dagostino was fined $500 and ordered to pay a $50 surcharge.

On June 7, an underage buyer conducted an alcohol compliance check at Dagostino’s place of employment, a licensed liquor establishment downtown. Dagostino furnished the underage buyer a 12-oz. bottled beer. The buyer was working undercover for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Fred Folletti, 51, of Haines was convicted July 14 of taking a moose during a closed season. Charges of unlawful possession of illegally taken game and giving false information on a permit report were dismissed.

Folletti was fined $4,000, with $2,000 suspended. He was ordered to pay $1,000 restitution, $100 in surcharges and to forfeit the moose, antlers and gun to the state, with a $500 buyback for the gun. Folletti was placed on probation for two years.

On Sept. 15, a caller reported to Alaska troopers that Folletti and another man had killed a moose the previous evening, right before the opening of the moose-hunting season. The caller said he heard two high-powered shots fired in quick succession around 7:05 p.m. on Sept. 14.

The next morning, the caller again heard two high-powered shots and suspected Folletti and his hunting partner wanted to make it appear they shot the moose that day.

Folletti’s harvest ticket said he shot the moose Sept. 15. Folletti and his hunting partner in separate interviews said Folletti killed the moose that morning, and said the two shots the previous night were at a can for practice.

Officials did not locate the can, and the men gave different accounts of where the practice shots occurred. Wildlife officials also determined the moose meat was too cold for the animal to have been dead only a few hours.

GPS data seized from Folletti’s hunting partner also confirmed they were at the exact moose kill site on Sept. 14, before the season opened. A charge against the hunting partner for unlawful possession of illegally taken game was dismissed.

Nygel Duffy-Webb, 18, of Haines was convicted June 23 of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol as a minor.

Duffy-Webb was fined $500 and ordered to pay a $10 surcharge and complete 20 hours of community work service.

On June 21, a caller reported a truck being driven recklessly back and forth on Chilkat State Park Road. Following a traffic stop, Duffy-Webb took a breath test that found his blood alcohol level was .10.

Donald Hotch, 64, of Klukwan was convicted May 24 of taking a mountain goat during a closed season. A charge of failing to report his harvest within five days was dismissed.

Hotch was fined $500 and ordered to pay a $10 surcharge and $800 restitution. He forfeited the mountain goat to the state.

On Nov. 23, Hotch killed a mountain goat near Klukwan. The goat season had been closed by emergency order on Oct. 30.

An Alaska Department of Fish and Game representative contacted Hotch in February because Hotch had not reported for a mountain goat hunt. Hotch said he harvested a mountain goat in November.

Hotch said he was not aware that area was closed, and he would not have taken his grandson on an illegal hunt. Hotch said he planned on going to Fish and Game to report the kill but forgot until someone called him and asked about the hunt.

Frank Flory, 43, of Haines was convicted May 20 of driving under the influence of alcohol. A charge of driving with a revoked license was dismissed.

A breath test that found his blood alcohol level was .400.

Flory was sentenced to serve 240 days in jail, 165 days suspended. He was fined $4,000. Flory was ordered to pay $125 in surcharges and $2,000 cost of imprisonment and complete a substance abuse treatment assessment. His driver’s license was revoked three years, and Flory was placed on probation three years, with a stipulation to not possess or consume alcohol.

On Feb. 6, an officer observed a pickup truck driving slowly at night with only its parking lights illuminated. The officer turned on overhead lights to conduct a traffic stop, and Flory drove almost straight ahead at a turn, running off the road.

Flory had four prior DUI convictions, with one occurring in the last 10 years.