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By CVN Staff 

Rezoning for heliports not solution


June 23, 2011

Many of us are disgusted with what went on at the recent Borough Assembly meeting. There’s a certain group in this town who feel they know what’s best for everyone, and don’t care about the laws and rules they violate. We’re dealing with the same scenario in the Chilkat Lake Road area. The proponent of the rezoning petition keeps talking about her way of life. She forgets that some people have a different way of life: That is working for a living and running a small business. We have a hard time complying with further restrictions proposed by someone who has no regards for rules or restrictions themselves. We have CCR’s which this group have no regard for, yet they have backstabbed us to another owner about violating one covenant. This is the mentality of this group. It’s not about a heliport. If it were, they could bring a petition to the Board and have it voted down. This is about having total control over what does and doesn’t happen in this neighborhood. Today it’s heliports, tomorrow it’s a chainsaw, ATV or a lawn mower. What devalues my home is not a heliport, it’s being surrounded by shacks, tents, junk, and outhouses. We are more than willing to fight this legally. After all, when it comes to the Borough, they have a perfect losing record. And as far as CCR’s enforcement and or complied to it’s going to be a certainty.

Peter and Maria Paquet