June 16, 2011 |

Executive assistant Schnabel gives notice

Debra Schnabel, executive assistant to Haines Borough Manager Mark Earnest, has resigned effective July 1.

Schnabel said she gave notice May 13 "because the administration and I do not have an agreement on the value of the work that I do."

She worked about five years for the borough as a contractor and then in January was reclassified as a non-union, temporary employee. Schnabel said she was expected to stay at the new position for a year.

Some of Schnabel’s responsibilities included special projects such as borough signage, Safe Routes to School and applying for a National Scenic Byways Program grant to support possible borough acquisition of Picture Point.

Schnabel said she would focus more on her businesses and properties following her resignation, but she might return to contract work for the borough.

Earnest last week said he didn’t know whether Schnabel’s position would be filled in the upcoming fiscal year or how Schnabel would be involved in ongoing borough matters.

"She is an extraordinarily talented individual and she’s very good at taking on some very complex tasks and projects," Earnest said. "I enjoy working with her, so we’ll see."