June 9, 2011 |

Alaska was Dennis Miles' destiny

My mother and I wish to thank the many friends of Dennis Miles for their kind words and support of his wife, Mary, after his sudden death at the end of January.

Due to mom’s health issues and a move from Ohio to Montana, I could not tell her right away. Over the Memorial Day weekend we talked about losing Dennis and reminisced about his life. Once she recovered from the initial shock of losing her son, she beamed with pride when she read the letter to the editor, Heather’s blog comment and obituary.

As we will all agree, a parent should never lose a child. She mused that Dennis passed doing what he enjoyed: cross-country skiing in a place he loved. Dennis was a joy to her and she will truly miss her "boy."

Thank you all for your caring comments and love for Dennis. Alaska was Dennis’ destiny.

Melinda Vennard, sister

Sophia Graham, mother