May 19, 2011 |

Foundation made dream trip possible

Thirteen Haines Venturer Scouts and five adult leaders went on an incredible international high adventure journey in Ecuador in March. This was made financially possible in part from a grant given to these kids by the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation. Here is a big "thank you" from Hunter Badgley, Zack Little, Teslin Podsiki, Elena Horner, Jackie St. Clair, Teolani Lynch, Margarette Jones, Jess Giddings, Rin Hamada, Brennon Whitermore, Polly Bryant, Chevy Fowler, and Kai Sato-Franks. You have helped change their lives in a positive way forever. 

Receiving grants from any foundation is an accomplishment.Competition on a state and federal level for youth groups is huge. Much work is done to apply for these grants and prospects are very small. Having a community foundation is a pleasant relief for those of us who look for funding for our projects and causes. Our efforts are much, much more likely to be rewarded. The money benefits the community in many ways regardless as to who receives it, because it is used on its citizens or on community projects. Thanks CVCF for helping us realize community dreams.

Greg Podsiki, Crew 71, Haines Venturer Scouts

 Boy Scouts of America