April 14, 2011 |

Voicing a vision for a community center

In the coming weeks, they’ll be doing a community survey. Its title is a “comprehensive survey” and I disagree with the title because they left out a “community center” on their posters. I spoke at the Haines assembly meetings and at the meetings of the non-profits and brought up the idea of a community center separate from a recreation center.

The community center would have a large auditorium for conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, etc., and would have a large kitchen in that same area for those meetings. The second floor would have a legislative information office, the assembly chambers and a computer room so people could hook up their computers. There would also be a satellite dish that could be used for teleconferences to the Alaska Legislature.

The main floor could also have pictures of Haines people who have made a positive contribution to the Haines community, people like Ellen Borders.

If you have any other ideas for this community center, tell the people who are doing the survey or call or write to the borough office.

                                Albert Judson