By CVN Staff 

Don't exploit our homes for your gain


April 14, 2011

Regarding the heliport proposal off Chilkat Lake Road: Not in my backyard!

Keep the helicopters at the airport, where they belong. We were not particularly disturbed over the past few years when helicopters flew overhead during heli-ski season. We will be most disturbed to be bombarded by repeated helicopter traffic, like one hears in Juneau all summer long!

What would come next? Common business sense dictates that using a business property for a mere six to eight weeks per year is poor business. To make ends meet, might a year-round lodge be next? Catering to summer activities such as ATV or hiking tours? Or even snow machine tours? NIMBY! The last thing we want is to have our privately owned piece of paradise trampled over by a bunch of ignorant yuppies seeking an “Alaskan experience.”

This is a quiet, residential area. We will vigorously defend our right to keep it that way. If Sundberg, et. al., wishes to build a home in our neighborhood, they are welcome. But we will not allow them to exploit our home for their financial gain.

We do not want a heliport in our backyard. Period. Let the borough keep in mind that we are taxpayers and more importantly, voters!

                               Stan and Ady Milos


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