April 7, 2011 |

Thanks for help with Japan relief effort

A wave of community effort and good will helped raise more than $5,000 to aid Japanese tsunami victims through the Modest Japanese Dinner and Auction of Immodest Desserts on March 29.

Many thanks go to Haines People for Peace for launching the idea and to more community members than can be named here for bringing all to fruition. Thanks go to some 210 people for sharing the meal and Thad and Martha Stewart and crew of Mosey’s and Ed and Yuko Hays for hours of prep, cooking, and serving. For a variety of donated food and supplies, a big thanks to Mountain Market, Olerud’s, Lutak Lumber, King’s Store, and Yuko Hays. Thanks to Abby Jones and Hannah Wing for holding a minute of silence for tsunami victims; to Chorus Bishop for a Japanese sword demonstration; to Al Badgley for apprising locals of a Haines disaster plan; to Men of Note, Burl Sheldon, and Scott Pierce for music. Mardell Gunn and auctioneer Joanne Waterman and many Haines bakers are to thank for a wildly successful dessert auction. We’re grateful for use of the school cafeteria and use of the school microphone and to the local bank for generously waiving fees for transfer of the money going equally to Mercy Corps and the Red Cross.

The Haines Tsunami Relief Fund bank account will be open through the end of the day April 12. More deposits are welcome. Thank you, all.

JoAnn Ross Cunningham