March 10, 2011 |

Beware chem-trails and bio-tech giants

It was encouraging to see how many people came to the Haines public library for the evening showing of the independent documentary about chem-trails. Unprecedented deployment of bio and geo technologies has already been unleashed into worldwide environments. Genetically modified organisms, contained in over 85 percent of the food we now eat, have been consistently proven in innumerable studies by molecular biologists and scientists to have unacceptable and alarming side-effects. Those whistleblowers have been fired, gagged and threatened. And when did this happen? Just before the U.S. government allowed widespread planting of GMO corn, canola, soy and cotton in 1996.

Now bio-tech giants such as Monsanto oversee and occupy our FDA and USDA. Since 1996, many more crops and life forms have been genetically modified including alfalfa, salmon, insects and bacteria. Bio-tech executives have stated, on record, they seek to own the world’s food supply. Within a couple years, it may be impossible to buy seeds to plant in your garden that are not patented with a terminator gene inside them, so after a single growing season, you will have to buy patented seeds for the following year. But what’s worse, they are not the same vegetables you once ate. These foods are proven to harm your body. Organic food will be only a memory.

But there is tremendous hope! Learn more about chem-trails and the GMO link at or, or, for healing your body from cancer and chronic disease without toxic allopathic/pharmaceutical treatments:

Steve Kroschel