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By CVN Staff 

Thomas' APOC issues iced until session ends


February 17, 2011

The Alaska Public Offices Commission last month filed a complaint against state Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Haines, for improperly transferring campaign funds.

According to the complaint, following the 2008 election, Thomas transferred $15,291.40 in campaign funds to a future campaign account, exceeding a $5,000 transfer limit.

"They called me and said I had too much money in the account," said Thomas, who noted his campaign relies on volunteers.

The complaint has been put on hold until after the legislative session.

"APOC is taking no action on (the complaint) during the legislative session, because (Thomas) enjoys legislative immunity under the constitution while the legislative session is on," said Jerry Anderson, APOC acting executive director.

An earlier APOC complaint on Thomas campaign advertisements also is on hold due to his immunity.

Thomas said he would have preferred for the investigations to keep moving forward. "I’d just as soon get it done with," he said. "I don’t like it, either."

Thomas was re-elected to the state House of Representatives in November.

APOC then conducted an audit in December of a Thomas year-end report, filed March 2009, and compared it to a year-start report from February 2010.

"Staff concluded that the campaign had carried over the surplus $15,291.40 from the 2008 campaign to the 2010 campaign," wrote Amy Robinson, an APOC attorney. Anderson said the investigations would continue immediately after the session.