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By CVN Staff 

Food stand appealing, provides choices


February 17, 2011

I am writing this letter because I want to clear up some misconceptions about us. When we first planned on opening up our business we looked around for a place downtown and at the time there was nothing available that we could afford.

The comment about us just going out and buying a trailer to place there and open up a restaurant is wrong. We built our building from the ground up to DEC code, with the intention of it being a drive through/walk up. It was cheaper for us to build it ourselves than to rent or buy. By building it ourselves we put a lot of money in to the community. We support local businesses and did not go out and run to another town to buy our building supplies or groceries.

I want to let everyone know that our intention when opening, was not to "skim the cream from the other business owners," but to give more choices. We are trying to stay away from competing with other businesses. We personally just wanted more choices to choose from, is that a crime?

Now on the lines of our building being unattractive, I disagree. We spent a lot of energy and time making our building look appealing to the eye and we have gotten numerous comments on how nice we look and just because we are located on a prime lot does not mean that we will not be paying sales tax or property tax to the borough.

Kathryn Coleman

at Hog Heaven