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By CVN Staff 

Editor should be ashamed of himself


February 17, 2011

In response to Tom Morphet’s pseudo-commentary, I would like to point out the BS in his opinion! He seems to think that these businesses will somehow displace existing ones and "say goodbye to the dream of filling empty buildings and revitalizing our Main Street."

Are you kidding me? Why are they empty in the first place, Tom? Surely that big head of yours can figure that out! "We need stronger leadership at city hall to keep our town from becoming a mishmash of makeshift structures." Um, hey Tom, don’t you live in one of those mishmash of makeshift structures?

"They’re unattractive and skim the cream from business owners who invested in buildings and support the town through property tax and sales tax." Are you implying that these businesses don’t support this town like others, that they don’t pay their taxes?

And Tom, just out of curiosity, what cream? Last I checked, it was sour!

Tom, you are out of line and should be ashamed of yourself.

Dean Risley