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By CVN Staff 

IRA council members should resign


February 10, 2011

I’ve read and re-read the actions of the IRA’s council members toward the former CIA administrator, who I believe was doing a good job. Then he discovers misbehavior amongst the council. This is how I see it. This man should still be here working yet and setting the IRA back on its feet, where it hasn’t been in the last 10 years.

Myself, I see nepotism, families in need, no jobs.

According to the constitution and by-laws, articles 4 and 6, neither of you members of the council have fulfilled the bylaws, especially article 6, section 1. All of you should resign for letting something like this too happen to our IRA and administrator. Remember the oath you have taken before you became a council member. Abuse of these powers is on your hands, and abuse you all did one way or another and put shame on our IRA. How do any of you live with yourself?

These past years I’ve seen nothing from our IRA for the Natives here in Haines, only for you. We need new blood in our IRA, but the constitution was re-written by our council so only they can run and re-run.

Want my opinion? You three should pay for this, not our IRA, and then resign.

Phillip Jackson