February 3, 2011 |

Miles accepted people

There is no doubt Dennis Miles was a redneck. He also accepted people for who they are, treated everyone fairly and used humor and salesmanship to win your friendship and your business. He took me snowmachining at the pass in the early 1990s after it was designated a park by the British Columbia government. There was word that Lynn Canal Conservation might petition to have it closed to motorized vehicles and he wanted me to see it from a different perspective.

I always looked forward to making a purchase at his store because I’d have an opportunity to banter with Miles. He kept the ski track at 25 Mile groomed so locals could enjoy a scenic day of skiing along the Klehini River. I’ll miss seeing him cruising in the dune buggy. Most of all I’ll miss Dennis and his positive contributions to our community.

Thom Ely